August 12, 2013 by

Of all of the haunted places in Ohio, none may have a better back story than Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky.  It is extremely popular as a destination for thrill seekers because it is home to some of the best roller coasters in the country, but it is also sought out by haunt seekers as well.  This is because of the least thrilling ride at the park, the carousel.  While the original haunted carousel is no longer at the park, the piece of it that is rumored to be haunted is.  The history of the carousel horse, though unverified is amazing!  Reportedly, the military horse for the carousel was hand carved by an artist in Lansing, Michigan.  The creators wife absolutely loved the horse, so much so that she refuses to let anyone photograph and was witnessed riding the horse on the carousel in the park for a hundred years after her death.  Speaking of her death, that came at the hands of her husband who apparently caught her cheating and killed both the wife and her lover.  After killing the pair he carved their bones into the mane of the horse!  So here you have a horse with the bones of a murdered woman in it, with people riding it everyday at the country’s most popular theme park.  But wait there’s more.  Before the carousel made it’s way to Cedar Pointe, it was owned by Al Capone, who tortured people on it, before killing them and throwing them into the lake.  In the years following the events leading to the carousel, specifically the military horse on it, Mrs. Muller was seen riding the carousel after park hours when there was no one there to operate the ride.  Workers would tell tales of the carousel start on its own and they would see a ghostly figure of a woman riding the horse.  While there haven’t been stories of anyone being physically attacked by the woman’s ghost, there is a legend that she loved it so much, that no one could take a photograph of the horse on the carousel without incident.  The horse has since been removed from the carousel.  The carousel now lives at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, but the horse did not make the journey.  The horse stayed at Cedar Point and is currently in the Frontiertown Museum at the back of the park, and if nothing else, looks a lot creepier knowing the story behind it.