Beware of that Ol’ Black Magic

We heard it tell that strange things were happening at a haunted house deep in the Louisiana bayou. This infested, spectral swampland had been owned for over a century by the bloody Dubois family, brought to popular media attention in 1890 when Bloody Bill Dubois was caught and killed by a local mob accusing him of practicing dark magic.

Bloody Bill cursed the townsfolk that day… and the bayou… and the shack his family built upon it. Or so they said.

At the Land of Illusion, we’re no strangers to fright. So we took it upon ourselves to visit the shanty on a hot, dead, Louisiana summer night to find out what all the fuss was about. Jim Dubois, great-grandson of Bloody Bill, came out on the porch to greet us…

Dubois tipped his hat, showed us a mouthful of bloody teeth, and pushed open the door to welcome us inside. And what we saw… we knew you’d have to see to believe.

We took apart the Dubois family bayou shanty and re-assembled it – piece by piece – right here at the Land of Illusion Theme Park. The Dubois family even came on up north with their shanty… and brought their dark magic with them.

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